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Caffeine Addiction

Probably the most overlooked drug in today’s culture, other than cigarettes, caffeine addiction is a powerful yet does not include some of the harmful affects of ordinary addiction. Caffeine addiction does not usually alienate the individual from peers of family. Also, the consequences are mild compared to alcohol or even cigarette addiction. However, caffeine addiction is a very real thing. It doesn’t come up usually until the caffeine is taken away. Many Americans report to needing their cup of coffee in the morning in order to function normally. This shows the effects of caffeine withdrawal and can really ruin an individual’s mood. Causes are more social than personal with caffeine addiction. Often, caffeine is introduced to individuals during their school years which involve late nights and early mornings. These early mornings are made more tolerable by caffeine intake. When used on a regular day basis, this “need” for a cup of coffee can easily develop into a full fledged physical dependency.

Side effects can include insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Also, a lot of caffeine is harmful for pregnant women and is known to cause spontaneous abortions. However, no matter what you might have heard, there are no beneficial effects of caffeine. Studies have shown that intellectual performance is not affected by caffeine and in fact can be hindered. Although quitting isn’t essential, as far as we know, moderation is always key to everything. Also, for anyone who has tried, caffeine’s addictive nature is very apparent and quitting is not easy. Cutting down can help moderate and lessen the effects of caffeine.

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