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Cigarette Addiction

Probably the most overlooked drug and addiction in the world, cigarette addiction is a very serious problem that can affect lives. Nicotine is the addictive substance in the cigarette that gives smokers their high and addicts many for life. Because the dire effects of smoking are not as apparent as they might be with a cocaine addiction, many remain in denial about their addiction and about the consequences their actions have on their body. Often smoking is related to social outings and overlooked as an addiction. However, nicotine is believed by some to be even more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Because the cigarette delivers the nicotine straight to the brain, and each cigarette contains about 10 puffs, the brain receives an average of 300 puffs a day for those who smoke half a pack. At this rate, tolerance sets in and a greater number of cigarettes is needed to obtain the same high.

Cigarettes are manufactured, distributed, and marketed in such a way that they have become part of every day normal life. This integration into society is a key factor in the tobacco industries campaign to get more and more people hooked. Although not blatantly directed at kids, the tobacco companies objective is to get people addicted to their product from a young age because they recognize the highly addictive effects of cigarettes. What the tobacco companies work hard to numb or deny to society is the deadly nature of their product. The smoke and products of burning tobacco coat the lungs with tar and make them inefficient at ventilating the oxygen breathed in. Due to the growing number of vehicles and forms of air pollution of this world, this leaves the lungs and the individual in a very vulnerable state to infection and disease. The gases in tobacco smoke are known to cause caner, heart and respiratory disease, as well as numerous other diseases. In fact, smoking kills more people a year than AIDS, alcohol, homicide, cocaine, suicide, automobile accidents, and fires combined.

Although quitting “cold-turkey” enables some to leave cigarettes behind forever, often more efforts are needed to quit. Numerous products on the market and recovery treatment centers and programs have been established over the year to support, encourage, and help maintain a relinquishment from cigarette use.

Cigarette Addiction

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